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Fix Concrete Tripping Hazards Calgary

If you have a concrete tripping hazard on your property, call the experts at Con Cure Restoration.

We are dedicated to fixing all concrete tripping hazards and will work hard until we find a solution for you

fixing tripping hazards in calgary since 2004.

Fix Concrete Tripping Hazards Calgary

Concrete Tripping Hazards Solutions in Calgary

Canada’s harsh temperature fluctuations can cause a lot of heaving and ground movement underneath concrete structures.

This can leave the concrete slabs at different heights relative to each other, causing a dangerous tripping hazard.

Con Cure Restoration Inc. has a variety of techniques used to eliminate these height differences without having to pump product underneath the slab or remove the concrete altogether. These services can usually be completed in one day with an almost immediate return to use.

No tripping hazard is too big or small as the products we use have the flexibility to be mixed as thin or thick as we need them.

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