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Residential Concrete Repair & Restoration

Residential Concrete Repair Experts

Con Cure Restoration Inc. offers a wide array of services for the residential market.

All our products are designed to cure rapidly in most conditions, allowing jobs to be completed with minimal intrusion.

Every service we offer to the residential market utilizes the same technologies we use for large scale commercial and industrial projects. This allows us to offer superior services that are designed to last in the harshest of conditions.

Please enjoy browsing the many different services we can offer, and feel free to call us anytime to discuss your individual concrete needs.

River Rock Driveway

Decorative Coatings

Make you concrete a feature and give your home or business curb appeal.


We can restore, repair and offer numerous solutions for damaged driveways.

Concrete Garage Floor Repair Calgary

Garage Floors

Concrete garage floor repairs and coatings are our specialty.

Concrete Patio Repair Calgary


We can restore and improve patio concrete.

releveling & resloping

Releveling & Resloping

Getting that concrete level can help with it's appearance whilst reduce liability.

Concrete Stair Repair Calgary


Numerous options are available for damaged or deteriorated stairs.

Fix Concrete Tripping Hazards Calgary

Tripping Hazards

Tripping hazards are a danger to guest can customers, we can help you fix this.

Concrete Walkway Repair Calgary


No matter the condition of your walkway, Con Cure can help restore it.

Water Pooling Repair Calgary

Water Pooling

We can prevent water pooling on your concrete.

About our Residential Concrete Repairs

Con Cure Restoration Inc. began as an organization serving the residential market.

By taking products designed for the commercial/industrial sectors and using them in residential applications, we were able to offer superior services and double the standard industry warranty period.

Our approach was one centered on identifying the root cause of the problem, so once we were done restoring it, the issue would not reappear. We also designed all our services to have quick turnaround times, minimizing inconvenience to the customer.

By constantly researching and testing the best materials on the market, Con Cure is able to offer services that don t require the removal of your existing concrete structures, saving thousands of dollars. We can often start a job in the morning and have it ready for our customers to use that very evening.

Through our years of extensive experience in the residential industry, Con Cure Restoration Inc. has been able to develop many different services for our customers.

Going from basic overlays to mimic a concrete broom finish look, to decorative stamping patterns using vibrant color coatings. Combining superior polymer resins with natural river rocks to create beautiful earth tone surfaces.

Whatever the final product, Con Cure combines years of experience and expertise to create extremely durable, long lasting surfaces.

Please explore our services section to look through a few of our many past projects.

Residential Concrete Technologies

To maintain our commitment to a fast return to service for our customers, combined with exceptional durability and performance, Con Cure Restoration Inc. continually utilizes the most advanced materials on the market.

Each job presents different challenges and requirements and only the most suitable products will be selected for restoration.

We encourage you to browse some of the technologies we use while doing our restoration work, or contact us to discuss how we select the right product for your job.